Who we are

Whitley Environmental prides itself in providing service in a fast friendly fashion and gives back to the community that supports them.
Whitley Environmental was formed in the fall of 2009 to bid a contract for the Whitley County Solid Waste District.  Whitley Environmental being awarded this contract was a large influence in the company getting off the ground.  Dwayne Knott and Steve Smith had seen an opportunity to make a living while building a local company serving our local communities. 
Whitley Environmental is extremely thankful for the support of our W.C.S.W.D. Board who supported and believed in us and realized the benefits of their money staying in this local economy.  We at Whitley Environmental are very grateful for their dedication and service. 
Whitley Environmental began the county wide comingled recycling service to Whitley County Indiana in Jan 2010.  Whitley Environmental started with about 10 employees and now employs 25+ and still growing. These are local people who pay local taxes and purchase gas, groceries, property, and other essentials right here in Whitley County.  Because of Whitley Environmental being contracted by the W.C.S.W.D., monies have been put back into the local economy through our employees living in Whitley County and paying property, state and local taxes.
Whitley Environmental invested $1.3 million in the first 4 years.  The monies were used to purchase our location and all of the necessary equipment including trucks, compactors, and conveyors that have been needed and have helped to improve our sorting system.

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